Penguin (cartoon model character)

I’ve been working on this little character, he’s turning out not bad but I’d really appreciate a bit of critique to make him really cool. :cool: I mostly have trouble with texturing and preportions, thanks for any remarks…


Imo opinion, making the mesh one object (so attach the snout, feet and eyebrows to the base-model) and properly unwrap it. If you use loose parts of meshes, you’ll always have these sharp edges (see tummy and snout) and don’t have a lot of freedom. Also, if you wish to animate it in the future, you’ll probebly want one mesh for it’d be simpeler to animate. If you have one mesh properly unwrapped, you can color and texture hem rather easy. I think the feet can use more detail, look up some referencephoto’s fore examples. I know it’s a cartoon-ish fella, but still, some detail, or at least some more representable shapes will help give the character believability. I’d like to see a wire to be able to help with the mesh more detailed. For example; one needs more detail in the facial area than in the tummy area to be able to give the fella some believable facial expressions.
It’s a rather good start, but needs some basic improvements to go on giving hem a real style and personality. Good luck and have fun! (ps leave the lighting, rendering, enviroment as is, aim for the base mesh first!)

Good advice.
Listen to Roger.
Nice start though.