Penguin In Panic!!!


And now for something completely different: please welcome the Penguin In Panic!!! game.

PiP is a very simple, single-tap Android game made with Unreal Engine 4, using Blender, GIMP and Inkscape. Besides the audio it is a one man project, both the art and coding was done by a single person, me.

I have been using Blender with Unity before and now the time has come to tame UE4. One of the plus sides of the project is some serious testing and feedback on the .fbx Blender->UE4 workflow, that has lead to fixing a bug with corrupted bones rotations.

The Blender was used for basically everything it could be used for, except for texture painting.

Enjoy the game! :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool!

Thanks, it did require a few tricks to get that look:

  • common UV layout for all the ice platforms so they could use a single texture
  • gradients everywhere
  • fresnel effect in the unlit shader
  • a bit of emmision multiplying for more vivid colors
  • a bit of abstract patterns on the background texture

Basically it turns out that you can squeeze quite a lot out of the unlit shaders in UE4.

This is sooooo unreal… engine. Got laughing with that penguin. Keep up the good work!!!

Thx, man. If it got you laughing than it means that it served it’s purpose. Really glad to hear it :slight_smile: