Penguin Jedi wanabe

Ok theres my wip, it’s a Penguin, one of my earlier works that I revamped and gave him Pixar eyes.

I just thought it would be interesting to see him move with a lightsaber. Animation was tricky, little arms and big head, spent a lot of time trying to keep the sword from running into his head.

BTW, if any one is wondering how got to squach the eyes like that, I parented the eyes to lattice and the lattice to the armature.



And here is the quick 2 sec avi animation at225KB (See I keep it small).

I like the look of this guy!

One thing you might want to work on is the animation. It seems a bit unnatural, even for a penguin. But, on the plus side, the modeling and effects are nice and clean! Good Job!

Thanks Pseudo-G, that was very nice of you. Yes I’ll have to work on the animation, more draw back and follow through, animation is alway difficult. On the plus side, I was actually surprised how quickly the Penguin’s personality came to life.

BTW, the effects are very simple, two halos inside each other, one light, all parented to an empty which in turn is parented to a path. Oh and one lensflare also parented to the empty and all set to go off when they make contact with the sword.

Not bad, not bad at all. He doesn’t look particualaryly penguin-like to me, but maybe thats just a paranoid delusion.Also, penguins don’t have fingers, not that he needs them to use a lightsaber. The lightsaber itself looks good, any chance we could get a look at just the saber?


It’s cool, but the lightsaber needs to slightly thinner at the top. I’d keep the length the same and make the handle and the bottom of the blade bigger.

Well you’re right Xrqlz, he doesn’t look like a real Penguin with his fingers, bow tie and teeth. But hey, I figured if Daffy Duck could get away with it, why can’t I. :smiley:

LightSaber is very simple, it’s just a tube modeled from a 14 vertice circle. And the inner Halo, just a plain I subdivided a few times, deleted the outsides of the plain and just left the inner row of vertices and then added a Halo.

I put a red light near the top of he lightsaber, you can see it bounce off the Penguin, and made the red light flicker every few frames by: selecting the red light, F5, changed the redlight’s energy level, and with your mouse in the buttons area, Press i key on keyboard, choose “Energy”, then moved up a few frames, changed the energy level again, and i key again to lock it in.

What you should be asking me is how I made the Lightsaber stick to the hand.

Answer: tricky, but I’ll send you the blend file tomorrow if you want.

HMC, thanks I’ll work on that . :slight_smile: