Penguin stuffed animal - update 1/26/2005

Just playin with fur and Ambient Occulsion now…

Making a penguin stuffed animal (penguins are my wife’s favorite animal)

Still thinkin of an environment, but it’s ok for now I think. Might need to make him “fatter” - make his gut stick out more to make him more “cutesy”.



I just realized the lighting might be a little harsh - my laptop is brighter than the system I rendered on so I didn’t notice it as much…

oh well let me know your thoughts !


i think it’s already cute.

The penguin looks reallly good. I bet those particle emittors were a challenge to get right. Nice work. :slight_smile:

i like it alot but I would add alpha so it looks fuzzy and cute :smiley:

Very nice. Some suggestions, the fur on the black parts seems a litttle long and I don’t think he should have fur on his beak. His feet look a little rough too maybe also furry feet. At least he will be warm :slight_smile: .

Sweet! I really like it. The fur looks a bit like it’s wool and for that I like it very much.

For me it looks perfect as it is, even the fur on the beak and the feet fit perfectly with the style of the rest.

Good work!

— Elubie

You know what? I think I changed my mind, somehow I missed the part about a stuffed animal. I was thinking in terms of cartoon like penguin.
So the long fur ect. doesn’t look so bad after all.

Thanks for the comments, I’m going to try to adjust the lighting a bit, and fatten him up, and change the eyes a bit…


Here’s what he was supposed to look like, I’ll be working off of this head now…

(I like this much better)


OMG A PENGUIN! k3wl, I dunno bout anyone else but I like it… throw the blender logo on the bottom right and it’d prolly be a pretty cool desktop picture :smiley:

Yes I like the last one better too.

Ok here’s the second penguin, he’s more what I was going for…



its so cool looking ;]

Um… I made a basic wallpaper for prolly linux ppl, I couldn’t come up with a good theme yet, so it’s pretty basic.


i dont know if its what you want but it looks a bit more like a bath toy rather than a stuffed animal but otherwise very nice i like the eyes

Well actually it’s good you noticed - this isn’t actually a stuffed animal now. My wife has a toy penguin that walks and quacks, and this was meant to be modeled after that. So, the first model was a stuffed animal, but this one is supposed to be more like a “robot” penguin, or penguin toy, just as you mentioned. More mechanical.