penguin / test animation (fighting penguins bottom pg1)

new photo and animaton below
here is the blend file if anyone wants to use this for anything
and here is the texture

Haha, he’s great. I love your characters Wu. Is he really still a WIP?

izzat watercolor?

Alex- thanks a lot, i just went back to retexture the head, but yes he is finished, i mostly started the thread here for the scene and other character for the animation, thanks

paroneayea- yes, i just paint the texture with watercolor paint, then scan it into the computer. i like this way of textureing best

thanks for posting.

new head texture, i’m pretty sure his is done, i hope to update with a scene and another character for the animation i’m working on “Ice Chicken”

It certainly has that ‘Wu style’ :slight_smile: Looks good, any idea when your next animation will be out?

“Decompression is good…decompression is good…decompression is good…”

=KH=Lupus- thanks man! i will be putting “Old Folks” in the finished works section tomorrow night. and then another one “Pizza Pie” next week along with a new domain for the cartoons (no longer using the free space from my internet provider after next week!) so things are going pretty good, i’m really greatful to have people who take the time to download and makes me want to create more, i cant stoooooopp ahhh.
anyway this little penguin is for one i’m working on for about three weeks away “Ice Chicken”. so i got my hands full but i love making animations, and its very cool that people have encouraged me to countiune.
by the way when will we see some new work from you? i only remember seeing the very decent work you did a few months ago?


Hehe np, we don’t get many animations around here and having funny ones makes it better :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll post a WIP render of my current WIP at the moment then hehe :wink:

working on a christmas animation, this was somthing that i wanted to have on the end, just as somthing extra, not really the main animaton

it was an idea for a mortal kombat, but with penguins, i still want to add a finishing move, like in the video game

still going to work on fine tuning the animation a bit, and will add better light, and texture before its all done, just a test for now

penguin kombat
click here to see animation
avi, 10sec, 600kb

nice animation

how do u make the characters talk with textures? (this is for the other animations you made… not this one)