C&C are welcome.

hmm, the mouth could be less straight and more curvy, the shape of the belly in side view could be more fat, and front view is ok :slight_smile:
and the eyeballs stick out too much. for the rest nice work :wink:

Thanks job…realy needed those crits.

here’s an update.

Now it’s starting to look like a penguin.

This is how far I’ve got on this penguin.


Cool pengiun he looks a little to fat at the bottom to me.

From the last pic you added he doesnt look very stream lined. As penguins that Ive seen.

thx kit89 I’ll look into that :wink:

Ahhh its eye it looks andry 6/10.

That’s cute. Can’t really see a problem, although maybe the material could be less glossy.

Nice Penguins. Well done! Are they in a studio? If that’s meant to be snow though, easy on the shadows. Snow would reflect, right? When do we see them animated? Looking foward…

This is the topic for my project for school.

patdog: never thought about making a movie with them but it sounds lika a great Idea ;). Think I’ll start working on a scene right away-

Cool Penguins from the last image they look at lot more " stream lined " :smiley:

Cant wait to see the anim. Maybe an anim of a bunch of the racing down a hill.
Hehe them colliding into each other and have them shoot off the downhill course hehe would be cool. 8)

Kit89: Are you a mindreader …because I just started on the animation and laid up the story then I went to check here and you’ve written the same story :slight_smile: .

Back to the animation :wink:


the head i dont know what but the head seems wrong other than that i love theone where there sliding.

Great minds think a like . :smiley:

Yeah…must be so kit89 :wink:

Worked on the scene today. Scene is almost ready and Cameramovement is finnished and now I’ve started on the animation on the penguins.