Hello, I have just started working on an Emperor Penguin. It would probably end up being just a scene with a foreground penguin and a ton of penguins in the background. Anyways, here is a picture:

This is my first thing made in 2.5. I’m planning on trying to make the bump map better, and even add a specular map. There is more hair and feathers around a penguins legs and tail, which I really have no idea how to do.

That’s pretty good, the proportions look perfect. Did you make the textures yourself?

The feet texture I got from a picture of elephant skin on The rest I did myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can better it?

Cool (hehe cool, like in “cold”…like in “the arctic”) Penguin!

Waiting for that scene you where talking about with tons of penguins…

Looking good.
It appears you used a procedural texture to get the feather effect. I’ve been able to get good results with hair particles for feathers before. That would make adding the feathers around the legs and tail easy.

Yeah, I expected the bump map to turn out better than it did. I was trying to look for an easy way out instead of making hair. Here is some reference I am using.


try working on the bump map… maybe add a spec map… otherwise ul have to do some particle systems :stuck_out_tongue: also… for the longer hair on and around the legs… it looks like you can only do that with particle system… or maybe if u make some textured planes that might work… it would defiantly help with the scene with lots of them :stuck_out_tongue: (poly count)

I tried to make textured planes for the tail feathers. I don’t really know how to use the alpha map correctly to make only parts of a texture transparent. Any help?

Looking good, but the head looks a bit small in comparison to the rest of the body. Also, the upper chest looks a little… too well built? Anyway, the textures look nice; keep at it, and I hope to see future updates posted!

These penguins are pretty ranged in shape. As you can see in this picture, the chest is very prominent. I don’t know if it is just breathing in or “flexing” or what. Apparently, there is no obvious physical differences between males and females. I agree with you though, I’ll try to smooth it out.

Small update. Made an attempt on some specularity. There is too much on the head. The head is supposed to look like velvet. The wings are still un-textured. I feel that overall he is lacking a nice fluffy look.


Try adding more particles to the body; also, tweak up the brownian motion (brown) and damping as well.

Well currently there are no particles on it at all. That’s a bump map. I am trying to teach myself how to make good fur right now.

for alpha mapping just make another version of the same picture that your using for the texture and make it black and white… then make the areas that u want opaque completely white and the areas that you want transparent black… then add it as a texture and set it to influence the alpha… u might have too turn on premultiply as well at the top of the texture panel… hope it helps

btw i like the spec :slight_smile: makes the bump map stand out allot more :slight_smile:

I just drew this up to kind of get my idea on paper. I’m happy because it is almost exactly what I had in my brain. I really have no idea how to make good ocean water, or icebergs for that matter. I found this video on youtube and I would love to know how this guy did this, it is so awesome looking:


Your model is a bit too fat comparing to your ref, it also should be a little less egg shaped, try to decrease the chest area, to deflate the belly region a bit. The feet should not be seen that much too.
Apart from that, it’s a very good model.

Keep up the good work

I totally agree with you. As I look at this guy, I have realized that penguins are more shaped like a bowling pin, rather than an egg like you said. I feel like I got the shape pretty well in the drawing.

Done a few changes to him. I feel the shape is a little more where I want it. I must be doing something wrong though, his head and feet aren’t supposed to be shiny at all. What I have for my material is a single material with 0 specular intensity and hardness. Then it has two textures on it, one just the color texture and then another black and white one that has the fur on it. I have it so the second texture effects specular intensity, specular hardness, and normals. Since the head is solid black in the spec/bump map, it shouldn’t be shiny, right?


Getting closer. I clicked SSS just to see what it did, and it kind of made a milky texture for his lower body which almost looks kinda nice. I made an attempt at having his beak gradient with specularity, but I think I missed. I tried adding the back feathers as hair particles. It’s close, but not quite. I don’t know how to better define where particles are placed to keep it right along the black line without getting into the white fur. Also, the eye has too much specularity when it isn’t supposed to. All the texture for the eye is a black oval shape, no white at all. Still thinking about how I am going to do the tail feathers. What do you guys think?


This is very nice, the overall shape is now far better.

I’m having a problem with the hair particles on the back of the penguin. Whenever I use the add tool to give the hair more density in a certain place, those particles don’t appear in the render. It took me a long time to realize this. I was just smattering particles all over the place again and again looking at each unchanging render saying, “That’s STILL not enough?!”