Penitent One

Blasphemous (game) fan art.

Blender 2.8
Substance Painter


Very nice, Good model - -

  1. Try stand like in your picture :slight_smile: he falling on back.
  2. Look more on your source material. Cape need more details / folds, Helmet look wrong - barbed wire is to thin, face is not on helmet it’s part of it (google it).
  3. Blood - search on google photos how blood look on fabric & metal.
  4. And why you cut the foots in shot? somtjing wrong with them?

Work on that list and image be great :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is really useful feedback!

he’s right, it could be more accurate but, your model also has a nice feel, to it - - maybe make some back-ground art, like walls and, a few random objects, to give more ’ energy ’ or, ’ feel ’ to it - -

the background looks boring, maybe make some barrels or, download some better textures, in the ’ free ’ area, on . .