Penn Station - WIP - Third Update on Pg. 2

I did this image a while ago for the Architecture WC and I’ve decided to go back and really finish this image. I know that it looks a little clean. Does anyone have any opinions on what this image needs, I can’t decide where to go next.


It’s obvious really

a sky

more people (it doesnt matter if there all the same guy as long as there in different poses.

You could instead do a night scene then all youd have to do is a black sky and use the lights youve already modelled with radiosity.

change the camara lens to give it a sense of size?

dirt maps?

ok maybe not so obvious.

steve343: Thanks for the feedback.

I see what you mean with most of it. As far as the sky goes, the glass in the ceiling is opaque in all the reference pictures I have, you can’t see the sky, is there something else I can do with the ceiling glass to make it look better.

Also, I always struggle with making my images look “dirty”, any hints on dirt maps?

nice work!
i think the scene nice and doesn’t need much improvement
i like the idea of only one person :slight_smile:
sure u’ll need a sky ( a winer/autumn sky)
and a good texture for the walls
edit: read now about the sky… %|

the black hole in these garages… it look like incomplete to me.

Gabio: Yea, I hate that I didn’t have time to put something down those hallways for the WC, I will address that.

have a lot of people and then that one guy in black picked out by a sun beam.

like in that movie where that guy arrives at a train station and is taken into care, and he pretends/ is an alien, and travels around on light beams

Dsaber: I actually had originally planned to have a sunbeam on the guy, but ran out of time, maybe I’ll revisit that idea.

looks great - I would suggest changing the lighting - using more soft colores. the picture is amazing - a well done lighting will make it awesome.

I like the message of “one lone person in an enormous space.” I like him looking up. I do think that the large white expanse in the sky is distracting a little. Maybe just a little color-change.

Looking good…it’s a HUGE trainstation though … but at least it is proporationate…

I would try to make a sky if it was my piece, because I see only white…
I’d add also more people and a buzz atmosphere (People with bags and suitcases)… als maybe some information signs … just the obvious…

Nice work …

lol, Kirpe, it would really liven the image up though… put more of a focal on that guy


Fantastic image! I like the modelling, and the desolate feeling of the guy.
After some staring it struck me: the shadow on the floor has very sharp edges, but it looks very gray. I would only expect shadows like that on a very sunny day, around noon. If the sky is more overcast, as the overall color and intensity suggest, the shadows would be a lot more blurred.

On the character in the middle: maybe it would be nice to get a tiny bit of action in there, like head and shoulders bending down (like he’s very down), or the beginning of a walking motion, or something. Now he looks like some kind of military in line for an inspection or something. If that’s what you want then … well… :expressionless:

Again, keep it up! Henk

It looks like he used a sunlight with ray shadows and AO, not what you go for for indoor scenes.

That’s awesome!

Beautiful shot!

the sky isnt what through me off, it actually looks like overcast, what it needs(IMO) is backround biulding so it isn’t in a void.

i thinks its beautiful just add a slightly darker gray cloud texture.
leave the walls and the one person the same but add a blowing piece of paper or something like that it creates a alone look, which imo is very nice

Kansas_15: you are right on the money, I used a raytraced sun and AO. Do you have any suggestions on something that would suit the scene better, lighting is not one of my strongest areas yet.

I really like image and composition. Please don’t add more people; Its awesome like this. Much more feeling than a crowd shot.
The AO is fine on indoor scenes, The sunlight actuall works here- I’m assuming the ceiling is some kind of frosted glass. Just because its a simple light setup doesn’t mean its wrong. This isn’t to say you couldn’t tweak the lighting settings a bit; play with the temp of the sun, the relative brightness between ambient and direct lighting. You could also add bouncelights, swap the sun and its shadows for different light types, etc…
I think the blankness of the area behind the windows is the most glaringly unfished looking part of the scene. You can keep the overall brightness of it, but something behind the windows might be cool.

slikdigit said

I think the blankness of the area behind the windows is the most glaringly unfished looking part of the scene. You can keep the overall brightness of it, but something behind the windows might be cool.

Which windows do you mean, the ones to the right and left of the main door? If so, those are interior windows to offices and such. Right now I just have some slightly mirrored black glass on the windows, maybe I should make them more transparent with some curtains inside or something like that.