These are some of my pens modelled in Blender and rendered in YafRay. :rolleyes:
Please give me some suggestion. Thank U :smiley:


I think it looks ok. The see-through plastic is good but the coloured plastic doesnt looks good on the specularity. Otherwise i like the composition and the DoF is nice, but a little too strong for me.
BTW, i first read the title with an extra “i” after the N and went like WTF!?!?!

a few comments:
1.the rubber grip on the blue pen looks more like plastic than rubber , maybe make it less specular.
2. The standing cap plastic will cause some caustic effects at the bottom.
3. it might just be me, but the screwy thing at the tip of the blue pen looks like ribs instead of screw.
4. as juggler said, maybe a little less DoF might make it look better.
5. maybe a nice wood material instead of the plain white surface would add richness to the scene.
good work overall…

Thank you for your great suggestion, Juggler and anuraag. I will amend them lately.

This is my updated pens rendering.
How about it? :smiley:


Did you use caustics? Very nice! I myself have a habit of taking pens apart and putting them back together.

looks better, looks good. :slight_smile:

Yes, I use photons in Yafray to produce caustics. Thank you! TV Crash.
Thank you very much! anuraag. Your comments are very wonderful! :slight_smile: