Pentapod creature

After going back and actually sketching something out, I have come up with the pentapod. I can’t think of much else to do to it. It also has tentacles that come out of the sides but I have them retracted in pose mode. Comments, suggestions, etc would be great.


Looks like something you’d see in an n64 game. Can we see some wireframes? It would also be nice to see it with the tentacles extended. Maybe holding some screaming human.:evilgrin:
Interesting piece. It really does help if you draw your creation beforehand doesn’t it? I recently discovered that as well.

Here’s a wireframe of it. I’m using a subsurf modifier and a hemi lamp. I threw together a couple things for it to grab. It has 30 bones in each tentacle which gives it quite a bit of flexibility.


Cool! The tentacles are great! And I digg the way you use Suzanne!

Not that the materials aren’t nice, but I would think about going for a different color scheme. Something darker or red. Right now it just looks really earthy. Not on the tentacles, but the body itself.

Maybe make the spikes iron-like? And I would trash the squareness of them. It would be really cool if they were these thin irony needles.

More contrast in the head would also do it good. Make the inside of the head dark, and the (eyes?) glowing. That would be pretty cool.

Wireframe looks good. Great Work.