.peo (geometry) & .lif (texture) importer?

Hello, I’m trying to import the Homeworld 1 geometry & texture formats to blender.

I’ve been digging around, but can’t quite figure out what is what…
Supposedly I need 3DsMax to convert the files? I just don’t know if there was an importer to do this directly…

I tried peon v10b to convert the .peo file into a .raw, but when I try to import it into blender I get some floating point error :frowning:

Anybody have any ideas?
I think some other games used this format, so thought it may be supported.


I have no idea what this floating point error is all about. Any alternatives?

OK, I found the problem with the .raw import, the name of the ship was at the top of the file for some reason.
Now I gotta figure out how to get the textures. This will be troublesome because they’re in 20 some segmented files, not one sheet.
Not only are the textures segmented, but many of the ships use the same texture, and only one ship has that particular shared texture.

If there’s an importer for opening these .peo and .lif files directly, it would be a huge help.

OK, here’s the solution:
3D EXPLORER is needed to open the GEO and LIF (http://www.fileplanet.com/57248/50000/fileinfo/3D-Exploration-version-1.7-Trial)
Once opened, the file can be re-saved as a 3DS which includes all texture data.