People are strange (body mods)

The link has a page with top 10 people of extreme body mods. So consider yourself warned.

I have seen couple ofthese dudes in a “documentaries” a couple of times, but I had no idea, how far people are willing to go in order to mody their appearance.

I mean really, is it really that cool, if people can say hello to your brains through your nose?

Whether or not I agree with it on a personal level, I think it is good that people have the freedom to do such things if they want to. I think the more people exercise their freedoms, the harder it will be for ‘The Man’ to take them away from us.

I find putting people in jail for possession of marijuana a much more disgusting act than modifying your body in such an extreme way.

Edited this down a little. Man I like to get on my high horse.

Marijuana actively destroys your brain. Don’t be inane.


It’s the governments job to protect its citizens, which is why they illegalize drugs.

Removed due to inanity. :o

This topic isn’t even about marijuana. Just leave it alone, man.

EDIT: I mean, you obviously have issues, and I’m very sorry for that, but this is about the tatooes and mods and stuff. I just replied to you because you were going all political. You still are, in fact, and it’s kind of inappropriate.

OTHER EDIT: And slightly over-bearing.

Away with the inanity!

pot. kettle. black. :wink:

back to the topic- interesting things, but also interesting is how much lighting/photography plays a role in the “transformation”. In the nicely lit, posed, and composed studio promo shots, people really look like they’re transformed into something else- but in the natural lit casual photos you can clearly see “the original person” - there might be exceptions- I bet it’s hard to ignore the tattoo-d on skull-face under any lighting…

To Dan: What I meant was inane was you swinging into this whole thing about ‘shocking’ and ‘disgusting’ were relative and about how we should all let people be free whether or not we agree on a personal level and how the government is crushing everyone’s freedom by taking away their weed, all in one paragraph, right off the mark, when no-one had actually mentioned any of those things yet or even acted in a way that said they disagreed with you.

The prior line about ‘marijuana actively damaging your brain ties’ in with ‘inanity,’ because you were talking about the government as if they hadn’t even the slightest reasoning for why they’d make it illegal, and were just taking it away for a laugh riot, which meant you were making it out to be much more sinister than it is.

I wasn’t offended, I almost never get ‘offended’. Just annoyed by you instantly jumping on the thread with a boatload of heavy-handedness.

EDIT: Also, by ‘issues’ I mean with the government, and when I say I’m sorry, I mean I’m sorry that the government has given you such a reason to mistrust them. I wasn’t being sarcastic, it’s genuinely unfortunate.

OTHER EDIT: I actually thought the skull-faced guy was cool. It was a really well done tattoo. It might not look so great on him when he’s 70, but hey, it’s a neat idea.

Hey Blackboe, I think I picked up on the ‘shocking’ and ‘disgusting’ aspects from reading the comments at the bottom of that web page, where people laid in to the body modders, calling them dimwits etc. I see now that my post here was actually sparked by the comments that people made over there. I hope that shows that it wasn’t just a random inane comment. I should have perhaps been a bit more careful in explaining why I reacted that way.

For example, this comment made by one person: This list should be called “Top 10 most attention starved fuckbags.” or “10 people that prove the human race is doomed.”

I guess this is an example of how communication via text and message boards can lead to misunderstandings. Peace?


I’m sorry, but that’s FUNNY.

edit: I see you’re 17. Wow, I wouldn’t think even a 17 would be so naive. LMAO