People please post in the right forums!


I see alot of questions either about blender or about this website being asked in this forum. This is not the place for such questions! We have a support section where question should be asked, please keep that in mind. It takes us a lot of time to run this website and you’re not helping by giving us more work!


And as a result, posts in this forum that do not belong here will be subsequently locked, or deleted without notice or explanation.

So indeed, please make sure you are posting in the proper forum here.



Doesn’t this belong in the ‘Website & Forum’ forum?

Has anyone seen my keys?

To answer this… No… because how he said his statement He was meaning questions that are being asked in the News & Discussion forum, that really need to go into other Support sections.

Timothy and I just had a big schpeel about this… So I understand…


Well maybe the forum should be renamed from “News & Discussion” to just “Blender News” then.

The “… discussion” part, implies a “general discussion” forum, which for a new user who’s asking a question, probably thinks that’s as good a place as any to ask.

While it would be nice to think that every user RTFM first, that often doesn’t happen, and so they don’t really know if their question is a ‘Basics’,‘Animation’,‘Compositoin’ …etc question so they go for the “catchall” discussion.

Maybe there should be a “Newbie” forum or “General Questions” forum under the Support Section, after which the question could be moved to the correct place.

If you’re looking for someone to help move things, I’m willing to do some of it.


Does it really take less time to lock/delete a thread than to just move it ?


I don’t know about that, but I think it all depends on the person doing it… meaning some will spend the time on locking, and may or may not tell you the right forum… others will move it to the right forum…

But if it is known that they will move it to the right forum then what is to stop people from putting posts there in the wrong forum?.. I think thats the point… For people to realize it is the wrong forum and try putting it in the right one… rather than the moderators moving all of them…

Indeed. The issue here is that there have been a lot of recent posts in this forum that do not belong here. I guess we, (admins/mods), have all been guilty of being too leniant with everyone who has been doing it and just moving threads. But that does not tell that person that, “hey, you should have posted in such and such a foum, instead of here”.

So in the future, these will just be locked/deleted.


New users recieve a welcome e-mail in which it is very clearly asked of them to post in the correct forum and not to post questions in the news & discussion forum.

Today I’ve made this message even clearer by making sure they know they should read it. Also every new user now recieves a private message which is the same as the welcoming e-mail.

Moving a thread takes a little bit more time but that isn’t really the point. The point is that if we lock/delete threads, people won’t be lazy in their postings: thinking “hey I can just post it here, and a mod will move it”. Because they will realize: “I better post it in the right forum, otherwise it will get locked/deleted, and I will have to repost”


I suggest having a button on all posts (like the report button) that tells a mod that a post is in the wrong section, and they can look at the post without having to search through the forum to find posts like this (they can just have a little message that pops up or something).

Also if you have to lock a post then tell the person where it is supposed to go… because they may not know…

lol as it is supposed as Blender forum why is then the mainpage designed that news and discussion is on top going thruw other software and so on and then wow:eek: at the second last section we get finally where that stuff what is supposed as blender related stuff. I think it has something to do what is called usabilty and so. As it is a english forum why then not using the rules of reading as we read from top to down and left to right. Learning something is a task but learning too things at the same time makes really trouble (for foreign people words not so comon and so on) in contrast to things he/she wants really to learn yet - Eem what? Aah blender it is. That placement of News & Discussion on top is like a honeycomb or as the marketing trick placing sweets nearby the cach register which annoyes parents. Something to think about i mean.

This is what the report button is for…

well, where would you post an idea for a feature?
It would fit to the “discussion”-part of “news and discussion” but you shouldn’t post everything there (it’s already too much)
but it doesn’t fit into any of the other topics either, does it?

any hint would be appreciated :smiley:

Feature requests should actually be posted over at forums, not here. Though they have been posted here in the past and receive a little more response being posted here. I don’t think that these are an issue. It’s more the asking “how should I do this…” type of post that does not belong here.


thanks :slight_smile:
I posted it in the “Wishes for post 2.4 versions” thread in the end

Can’t you make the thread title bigger, red and animated?

Nice joke :slight_smile:

sometimes it seems that some users doesn’t even browse downwards looking after the different subforums, as if they can’t read. Moving the threads doesn’t seem to learn the users to post in the correct place either.


Now where did I put my wallet? Why are all my renders black by the way? I can’t seem to find the “make photorealistic” button.