people want to make graphics for a game

well if you do then you would probably be most welcome to do-so.

a game called TTD (transport tycoon deluxe) was legally reverse engineered (software is abandonware, and the countries involved have no laws against it)

well the source-code to this version was released, and is being developed fairly quickly. basicly the whole lot is being re-written.

the only part of the game that is illegal to distribute (although it is 1996 game and is so old nobody cares) are the graphics.

so part of the new version coming out soon is a graphics overhaul.

another blender-user (from a long time ago) did a mock-up of some graphics (far from final) and i got the file from him, and added to his mock-up (so these will all need to be redone, well modified slightly)

basicly the entire project has infinate scope, the more graphics for Vehicles, trees, landscapes, buildings… the better.

here is the original mockup from a guy called Edwin de Jong

my mock-up based on his work is

if you think it looks like it could be a ood game, or you have any existing models of things like buildings, scenery, vehicles… then feel free to go directly to the OTTD forums and get involved. either that or i can take any 3d models you have and put them into the game over the next few months.

here are the forums for you.


and, opensource gaming community in general, is always looking for contributors especially in this graphics area.


Looks like a pretty nice game, though I have doubts about it with the new Locomotion out.

na locomotion is crap in comparison LOL (although the same original developer)


na locomotion is crap in comparison LOL (although the same original developer)

I looked through Locomotion’s forums and I see what you mean, poor Chris may have a tough future ahead of him. Some have lost respect in him.

heh, that game is guilty in waking my interest in CG and 3d design. it was the old DOS version tho…

I remember…heh. I lived in a penthouse at the time, overlooking the quite busy port of palma and in the distance planes came in contiuously (speacially in summer) …I played that darn game for a month nearly without sleeping. building rail-tracks and watching planes and ships getting oil, buses and trucks going from a to b.

so one day…heh, I was sitting at the desk with the blinds open(rearly happened that month) and was completely overtired and crazed by that stupid game, and looked outside the window.

big ships and ferries were coming in/going out of the hourbor, planes came in from far or circeled to get ready to land. so… I was looking outside and when I got tired of the view I tried to close it with a reapeted mouse-click %| wondering why the darn planes where still visible…

thats what to much gaming can do to you!!!