People who do art through other mediums (paint, chisel ect...)

I’m talking about people who don’t just do 3D art, but do things like paint, chisel, pencil, pastel, watercolor ect…

I have done art other then 3D art before when I had art class in middle school. Like painting, pencil (for linear perspective), linoleum blockcut, scratching an image from a black surface, clay and others. The only problem was, I was really slow in most of them, like the linear perspective assignment, I always wanted my lines to be perfect.

So any of you do art through other means then just 3D?

The other me:

I’m also a graphic artist by day. I used to do professional illustration, specialising in airbrush. I’m also a fully qualified signwriter (signpainter) and have painted scenic art for TV ads and one or two movies plus walls of local businesses.

One day I’ll try sculpture :slight_smile:

There’s a forum for non-3D art.

As for me, I occasionally do the odd line drawing, and I do quite a bit of vector work (in the style of the webcomic The Order of the Stick, for avatars and stuff on their boards).

Yeah man… charcoal & pastel, tea, graphic fineliner; big and small, but most of all I like the good ol’ sketching with pencil.

Watercoloring isn’t my thing, but I can tell you there’s one person, and this is gonna surprise you, who’s really good with watercolors. He’s gonna kill me for showing this, haha, but here’s a great work by our one and only Wu-Man.


Wait! Is that you? But you’re not purple and naked? haha, cool second name. RobertT would love that. So weird man, it’s just that I imagined you… I dunno… totally different. Weird.

Great looking work btw.

Most of us are weird people indeed :smiley:

I occasionaly do some doodles (mostly during classes) and I do quite a bit of writing fiction (does that count as art?). I’d like to learn several other arts, including cooking (does that count?).

I occasionaly do 2d illustration as a hobby and to help out a friend who does it as a side business. I sometimes use 3d software to generate 2d illustrations, like this one. I have been known to do a little drawing and painting, but I don’t consider myself to be particularly talented or driven to do it. I like photogrpahy and video making, but I don’t really have the equipment or the time to pursue it. I enjoy writing, and wish I had more time to do it. I love to engage in improvisational and stage acting, and I like cooking, which I suppose are kinds of art, too. :slight_smile:

I draw and paint… I like acrylic. I write fiction too… yes, Charlesworth999, I would classify that as art.:wink:

I meant if it counted as art in this thread.
However, sometimes I get the feeling that you can count about anything as an art. :rolleyes:

Yeah, unfortunately that’s what happens, which in my opinion devalues art itself. I never see my work, 3D or 2D, as art, but more as something with artistic qualities. Or short, artistic… not art.

About counting anything as art I would agree with that, I’ve heard of rediculously simple or unflattering pieces get a high dollar price on the auction block. Glue a pencil impaling a cookie on paper and people might call it art.:confused:

I do all kindsa stuff in various media. Never really got heavy into sculpture, though (materials expenses can be killer). Of course, my favorite medium for quick work is pencil, with pen & ink coming in a close second. I really need to get around to modeling more of my sketches.

I’ve always thought of “art” as a communications method. As words communicate ideas, so art communicates emotion. Some art communicates emotion well and some poorly. I also think that a lot of what is called art doesn’t communicate emotion at all, but rather simply evokes it.

If somebody creates something only for shock value, for example, but puts no emotion into it, the viewer can’t take anything from the artist, only from his creation. Not that art can’t be shocking, but I think that if the artist doesn’t feel what’s being expressed in his work, it’s not art, but something else. What it is, then, I don’t know, but definitely something else.

Thanks Sago. Yep, that’s me.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s what happens, which in my opinion devalues art itself.

“When everyone’s super, no one will be” [Syndrome; The Incredibles]

When everything’s art, nothing is.

I like to sketch, however unsucessfully, I also fold origami and do a tiny bit of watercolors. And I write fiction.

Sometimes i do pencilwork. Tried to model with two components clay and got some airbrush equipment but no really results gotten so far. Its so frustrating having no inspiration.

They’ve made me do a lot of pastel/watercolor/pencil works in college. If I had a camera or something, I’d probably be able to show them here (I gotta admit, a couple of them are actually nice!).

I make paintings and prints, you can see some of my work here.

Long time ago, in a land far, far away… i was quite good at sketching (not from imagination though); i also did watercolouring and still life in school but never followed through as an artist professionally (i’m a software dev now). Anyhou, one of these days, I’d like to get back to sketching as it helps with 3d modelling.

hah, I’d be doing a lot better in school if I didn’t draw so d*mn much during class (homework kind of impacts my grades too, but…).

I mostly draw with pencil, or directly in GIMP, but I write the occasional fiction piece (mostly fantasy/sci-fi). I plan on trying 2d animation soon, too.

Me too, me too! I work on my 2d when I’m not using Blender or programming. There isn’t enough time in the world to get good at everything though :frowning:

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