Pepita room [update]

Hi guy i’am nice to share with you my last project ! Blender / cycles / gimp / and neat image for denoising .it was a good sculpt exercice for me too as i’ve to model and sculpt this african statuette ! enjoy !

2000 sample on 2Xgtx 970 msi

new image with more natural light and material enhancement !

wow… :slight_smile: Great work.
love the details & color combination

wow… :slight_smile: Great work.
love the details & color combination

thanks a lot ! i’am very happy someone love it !

I though this was a image at first glance. Keep up the good work.

Hey @sharlybg,
I really like this environment but I think you need to do some changes to improve it. I would give some suggestion on it, If you find them accurate you may do an update.

  • Reduce the light on tv
  • Put some details on top
  • Reduce or change the floor material
  • I would change the exterior part - I would make it to be lighter than the interior one, more natural - otherwise you have to switch lights on :slight_smile:
  • In General you can try to make the room less higher - about half meter. Right now there is an additional space up there which makes me to feel not the air, but the emptiness…
  • Paintings looks higher exhibited, in normal life the middle of painting should be a bit less than the middle of eyes line (perspective horizon).
  • Finally I would move the table in the middle, also I will include more details in front of the table or top …

Great Work! Please keep creating!

thanks for advice !
I’ve update the image according to some of your point !
for the others I think it a really artistic choice and taste but thank again !

The update makes this look way better.

thank a lot !

I like it all and especially the sculpt. Did you start with a skin modifier to get the base mesh for her?

no skin modifier used only simple modeled base mesh ! :slight_smile:

Simply outstanding :slight_smile: @sharlybg after update there is so much improvement… i though its perfect but like one saying “There’s always room to learn, grow and improve”

& really good improvement tips from @@ivaydesign :slight_smile: Blender community is very Friendly ! i like this :yes:

learning will never end up for mortals
so i’m nice you like it to ! :slight_smile:

Yes … :slight_smile: