pepsi soda (WIP)

I want to try yaf(a)ray
so I modelled a pepsi can (is that the word? :o)

the pics are not ultra-high-definition and the textures are only tests, I’m making textures right now. And because I didn’t found good hd pepsi logo pictures, I will do everything by myself (including nutrition facts and everything).

modelling seem ok?


NIce… there are a few things I would change, however I am still unable to make a can look like a can so I would not be able to tell how to do them changes. Just to name 2 the pull tab would be more realistic with some thickness to it and as for the 2nd suggestion well as I look at the two cans sitting here I would be wrong to say add a little bend to the tab. THe thickness though would be a good addition to the pull tab as it appears thin maybe the thickness plus half or 1/4 more to it.
Anyway great job and textures great - yea pepsi can is a (two) word :slight_smile: - if you ever want to tutorial a can I would be happy to follow it!

I would suggest blending in a brushed metal type material. Aluminum has grains in it especially showing up in specular. Also the opening into the can should show some thickness. I do like the materials that you have already though they’re a great start.

EDIT : my .blend got I don’t know what problem and now the only things left into my .blend are the cube and the lights…

so here is the last thing I rendered before loosing everything :


Here is a can, if you really have lost your BLEND file?


can-PULL-TOP.blend (189 KB)

That’s why you use save increments. :smiley: