i heared that pepsi is coming out with some new cans with the pledge of allegance on it, but they took out “under god” so they wouldnt offend people. dont buy them because money has"in god we trust" on it. we dont want to “offend” anybody at pepsi, right? :smiley:

heh. that’s really scary. who wants a soda with the pledge on it anyway?

i know! if theyre going to change the pledge, why even put it on! %| besides, they should choose somthing else to put on the cans.

They probably don’t. What they want,is controversy. Something to get their product name in the press without them having to pay for it. Sounds like a lame attempt to do so, however.

You can’t fault them too much, though. The “pledge of alliegance” crap in Alabama netted the lawyers millions of dollars in legal fees. So far! So the effort of filing lawsuits that nobody really cared about (when you sue a state, the state pays both sides) was definitely profitable

(If you want to figure out politics, “just look for the money. Don’t watch the cards, watch the money.”)

i always liked coke more…

I heard they originally wanted to put the declaration of independance on the cans but they had a hard time making it fit.

Pepsi and their flat syrup of a soft drink and their annoying, biased advertising.

I wonder who the marketing genius was who came up with such a stupid idea. May as well slap a few verses of the bible on there too. What’s the point?

Sorry if you like Pepsi. I don’t.

why the heck would they put the pledge on the pepsi can? we have enough patriotic shit when we have to listen to George W. Bush political commercials