per-object edge rendering with nodes?


I know there is a way to isolate specific objects for node compositing effects using the ID/PassIndex, but once I isolate an object with this method, is there a way to apply the edge rendering option only to this object?

What I am trying to do is create a semi-realistic scene (ie: no edge rendering), and then put a very toony character in it, so only this character has the edge rendering effect that can normally be enabled with the “edge” option in the render panel?


why not just overlay?

I can’t think of a way to do that where my toon-edged character can still walk between objects (ie: furniture) and cast shadows onto those objects?

Shadows and lighting cast among all layers unless you specificly limit the light to single layer. Also make sure that you select “all Z” in the render then you can composite or alpha over in the sequence editor.

I don’t understand the process behind what you’re suggesting. Is it possible for you to create a simple blend file, just a plane and two default cubes, where one of the cubes is edge-rendered and the other isn’t - but they’re both casting shadows onto the plane?

would you not put different objects on their own layers then comp each layer seperately? One with edge one without?