Percentage Icon Access?

Hi All,

I was just baking some frames and the mouse changed into the percentage icon to represent progress while the sim baked.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to control the mouse icon like the bake operator does? Is there API access for setting the mouse pointer?

Can we do custom icons yet from python?

afaik this was possible to control in blender 2.4x, but haven’t seen such in 2.5/2.6 (in C code I did however!). Since stuff like the progress bar in info area can’t be controlled by Python, i bet you can’t control the mouse icon either…

but you could openGL draw anything you want near the mouse.

but that’s bad practice, isn’t it?

@patmo141: Do you have any example code or a thread showing how to do the suggested OpenGL draw?

@CodeManX: Eh…who cares if it is a bad practice I need some way to offer feedback. If anything it is bad practice for developers to not provide us with a working mechanism to just that. We can’t even change the font color. I think that capability came around in the last century like 30 years ago maybe?

font colors could be easily implemented, but what for? users would abuse this a lot and UI look awful :stuck_out_tongue:

an OpenGL example can be found in text editor > templates > operator modal draw

but the actual operation you wanna run needs to run in a separate thread, as UI will be locked in the meanwhile (unless it runs as modal op as well somehow)

font colors could be easily implemented, but what for? users would abuse this a lot

For a stronger feedback to the user. For instance, I have an AddOn called Meshfoot. It is a datablock memory manager. Being able to represent the status of the memory with color just makes sense. Basically a traffic light approach. When memory is correct, I want to show green text. When a memory sequence is missing a frame I want to show yellow text. When memory is empty I want to show red text.

I think the prevent abuse case is a poor argument. I mean why even give us vertices, we might make an ugly model?