Perfect automatic UV-mapping?

Hi! I wamma automate the generation of UV texture mappings for my models, in order to speed up the overall process of making a game. I tried the automated UV-mapping of Wings3d, but is still in beta stage and does not UV-map complex shapes in a very pleasant way… there is any tool or script for automatically UV-map a complex shape (like a human body) ?

Can you not use the copy draw mode function in the paint buttons when in face mode?


Yup, I can use it, but it does not unwrap, only projects the selected faces on texture space. It’s very time consuming to texture a complex model (by example, a girl) in this way. I need some system like the one in Wings3d, that don’t only can project, but unwrap a set of faces on the texture space. The one in Wings3d is still somewhat buggy.

That’s kind of a lot to ask. Models differ a lot, even if they are all human or something. The script would have no way of telling how and where to put the textures. I don’t think it’s possible.