perfect circle?

How can I make a perfect circle in blender? I noticed that Bezier Circle and Nurbs Circle both are not. I was trying to make a camera rotate around a fixed point, but those circles don’t work. I can see the camera shaking left-right. :frowning:

you can get it to move better, by parenting it to an armature, and rotating the armature.

Oh I was dumb. I figured it out my self 1 minute after the post :expressionless:
I was using a mesh with only 1 vertex. Then I know an empty is enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, an empty is probably easier than an armature :slight_smile:

doesn’t matter, really. same principle. :stuck_out_tongue: ( but id you have segments on your armature, you can use it much in the same way, as an industry type camera platform with the arms and wht not, eh? )

NURBS circles are perfect circles

Bézier are not

And both need to have a resolution carefully set.