"Perfect" front/side mode?

I’m sure this question will make the list of this site’s “Noobiest”. :frowning:

When I start out, pressing “1, 2, 3” would put my views into complete front view, side view, etc… However, after moving moving my view around at odd angles in camera mode, pressing “1, 2, and 3” makes me see my object off-center.

If I knew how to put something on a “full top” or “full side” view, it’d really help with my tutorial.

Thanks in advance for help.

You’re probably looking for an Orthographic view (NUMPAD-5 or View/Orthographic.

NUMPAD-"." (period) is also handy, to re-center the view on the selected object.


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This is what happens when I try those…

Same problem.

Is the num lock even on? it looks like your still in perspective.
If you really want the object centered to the view, you can also use Ctrl+MMB to pan the view so that the object is centerd. (could also be Shift+MMB, but I cant remember right now.)

Yeah, 5t’s 6n.

You use NUMPAD-5 / Orthographic after choosing a front/side/top view. The orthographic/perspective toggle will also affect a “non-orthogonal view” (i.e. rotated view … non-front/top/side). If for some reason your NUMPAD isn’t working the views / ortho/perspective toggle are available from the View menu.


If you turn on Auto Perspective (under View & Controls>View rotation) in User Preferences blender will automatically change to orthographic view for side views and perspective when rotating around you model.

…or get used to doing it the old school way like Mike_S :wink:

PS. Some other hotkeys, C-Key centers the view to 3D cursor & Home-Key zooms to show all content.

I think that Orthographic is the last thing that will help a beginner. That view-style is an advanced way to view objects for technical reasons. A beginner wants to see 3D, orthographic removes the depth…no 3D…more confusion, IMO.

Turn on Auto-Perspective, as suggested.