Perfect hard-surface?

hi, how are you guys?

Is there complex object mesh from low-poly to seamless hard-surface?
I’m trying here and I can’t get all the wrinkles out.
I’ve searched a lot on the net and this forum has not achieved perfection.

Is it normal to always have wrinkles? especially the small and almost invisible ones?

what is the requirement for a perfect hard-surface mesh?


It’s hard to understand the first sentence and looking at the third:

This could be interpreted as offending… but i assume you just want help. It would be nice to have an image of your trials to know what you exactly mean. Anyway:

Hard surfaces can be hard and it takes some study and a little (or more) practice to make good ones. I always recommend somethink like Arrimus 3D…even his videos about 3DsMAX are informative to learn th basics and use of extra tools (or even buying) fro some time later (you would be disappointed if using it without propper understanding).

thanks for the help okidoki.

Does anyone know how to be more direct when answering the questions above?

thanks in advance

hmm well your aren’t asking for a direct problem (maybe with image of edge structure) but more in general. and then also for a perfect solution you know… of course there are several tutorials and courses about hardsurface modeling and there aren’t somewhere in a secret hidden place…