Perfect Sculpt Tests

Hi guys,

Now you probably think I’m totally off my rocker :spin: for sharing my perfect studio lighting and material tests. But now I feel obliged to share my perfect sculpt setups!

That’s right folks, here you will find all the resources you need to begin sculpting like zbrush masters (except in blender.)

You will find tips and tricks on how to retopo your sculpt to bring into animation or rigging, and you will find basic sculpt shaders to show off your creations, including a simple turntable.

As always, I will try to keep the setups as simple as possible for instructional purposes and will be attaching the blend files wherever possible.

You lucky so and sos! :rolleyes:

Looking forward to this!

looking forward to some useful tips

Hi guys,

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’m just busy atm, also I’m running through as many youtube videos as possible to ensure you get access to the perfect workflow, tips and tools. As a teaser, my perfect studio tests were awesome but this is really going to be something else, from smooth characterised characters to high poly monsters.

Essentially, it’s going to cover anything you could wish to sculpt, retopo, rig and if needed bring into a game environment. I’m even tinkering with the idea of a perfect game resource thread, but that as they say, is in the pipeline.

All I can say, is stay tuned you don’t want to miss this! :wink:

Man, you sure know how to tease!

Careful now, I will ask for my money back if I’m not able to create a, lemme quote you, “smooth characterised character”. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the tease and the delay, I’m working on a perfect web CMS (open source) which one day replace wordpress. Unfortunately it is taking most of my time. If anyone is interested in beta testing and can post the link.

Haha, thanks for that correction, smooth characterised character should have been smooth stylised character, trust me, when you see these tips and setups your jaws will drop. If not I’ll eat my hat. :smiley:

I would be very careful about bandying around the word ‘perfect’ as if it was a throwaway term.

More likely than not, it will just lead to getting egg in your face, because what you’re saying is that there’s absolutely no way to make your setups better. The fact that you’re trying to cobble it together out of youtube videos and not out of your own experience will only increase that risk.

Just say that it’s the product of a lot of personal research and that it’s the best that you’ve gotten to.

because what you’re saying is that there’s absolutely no way to make your setups better

Great point , however, I am very confident in my abilities :wink: I wouldn’t use the term perfect as a throw away term if I didn’t think it was so. BTW thanks for that link about genetica 4.0. You’ve got great textures in your sketch book, now I can try and recreate them.