Perfect Shot

Blender 2.62/Cycles (200x)


Wow… if it was a little less saturated and contrasting this would be awesome :slight_smile:
how did you do the sides? is it just a texture?

Thanks, I like it colorful :wink: Here’s a wireframe

only thing i say is “Brave Story”

Look perfect to me!

perfect indeed, love the photographic feel

Haha, awesome, I love how the second arrow split the first. :smiley: Good work!

Good, simple but very effective render.

Great work!

amazing texturing, nice idea, nice execution. 5* from me.

i rather like the saturation…

i think the arrow should be a bit further into the target, and maybe a bit longer but other than that, really great work!!!

This looks terrifically photorealistic :D. Was this perhaps inspired by Robinhood?

Nice! Really like it!