Perfect studio setup test

No problemo. Use these resources as you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender internal perfect electron microscope test.

Blend file of above
electron.blend (719 KB)

Another possibility ^^

This is a very useful post !
Thank you iamthwee :smiley:

The perfect chocolate setup :slight_smile: Thanks to calvin for the model.

chocolate.blend (1.18 MB)

The perfect wood/bark material.

wood-ball.blend (1.16 MB)

The perfect cushion test

pillow.blend (3.52 MB)

I would like to ask you, what you are going to suggest for closed mesh interior with few windows, less light as rendering setup?

Wonderful Stuff :slight_smile: Keep going

Hi ivaydesign,

Thank you for you kind words, I saw your whale thread and it is quite beautiful so I feel a little ashamed to give such a master of lighting setups any tips, but this is what I noticed in my humble opinion.

If you see my three glasses image, you will notice I get a really good glass material and caustic effect. This is all down to the way I have set up interior lighting with cycles. My tip to reduce render times is to have a CLOSED MESH interior. And use emitters instead of the real world sky for light.

Why, it speeds up render times and the images converge much faster. I rarely use hdri skies, if I need a background image, I just set up a plane with the background image as a low value emitter and then use the DOF on the camera to make it appear seamless.

Anyway most of my interior lighting techniques I learnt from maxwell render tutorials.

See link for details.

BTW I’ve just about finished my perfect diamond test but getting it just right was a real pain in the ass. I’ll post it when I’m perfectly happy with the outcome.

An idea…

Maybe could you work in relation with this addon ?

Cheers !

@rattle-snake, oh yes that link does look interesting for the time being I’ll keep tests by themselves as blender portable files.

Here is the perfect grass test.

grass.blend (1.25 MB)

Perfect frosted glass…

frosted-glass-bud.blend (4.41 MB)

The perfect wireframe test…

wireframe.blend (1.16 MB)

Thank you !

Please keep the good work :slight_smile:

No problemos glad to be of help.

Here is the perfect gold test :slight_smile:

gold.blend (4.48 MB)

The perfect scattering effect… :smiley:

scattering.blend (4.48 MB)

Would just like to take the time to thank the developers for such an awesome free rendering engine.

great tests & thanks for was the pillow wrinkles modelled?

@ remade I’ve supplied the blend file so you can have a look but it was just a lot of edge pulling. Just got my hands on an nvidia GTX 750 so finally got the chance to test out GPU rendering, just need to wipe windows and install Linux as windows sucks ass.

Now ladies and gents here is the perfect bread albeit floating, thanks to Andrew Price for ideas. :slight_smile:

Coming up, the perfect heart, trees and topiary and this damn perfect diamond which is more tricky than I thought. You lucky so and sos. :wink:

bread.blend (3.54 MB)

Perfect Toon Shader test ( blender internal - better results than cycles freestyle although to be fair I haven’t experimented with freestyle much)

toon.blend (923 KB)

The perfect molton lava effect… Edit updated thanks to lord odin for the black body tutorial.

molten-best.blend (692 KB)

Actually I take back my original statement, I’m actually getting to quite like cycles freestyle shader. :spin:

Materials applied are toon materials in cycles.

Some great tips here - thanks.