Perfect Tomorrows

Hi, I want some serious critique before I call this finished. It’s based off of a drawing I did a few months back, but I actually changed a lot. My aim is to create a very peaceful image, not necessarily photo-realistic, but something that you look at and can’t help but to feel good.

The concept is based off of a few lines of this song.

For me it makes me smile to look at it, but I want to improve it, so your suggestions are very valuable. Thanks all.

the scale of the grass is out of this world (bad, compare scale to the mountains!) but the materials look great. of course the landmass could use a little bit of de-squaring at the edges.

Lookin’ good! You could maybe make shadows a bit softer (increase the amount of samples in the lighting settings (I can clarify if this doesn’t make sense)). The entire setup also kinda looks like it’s a four-foot model of a landscape, you could maybe add more background mountains and zoom the camera in a little to get rid of this effect.

Anyway, looking forward to updates!


shadows! need to go, or very not so dark ones.

Yeah, the first thing I noticed was that the banks of your river and the coast were very square. Maybe erode the edges a little?

The sky has a good look, soft and peaceful, for lack of a better word, dreamy. Was that the look you were going for? And I agree, the shadows are a little harsh in comparison to the softness of both the sky and the water.

Are you going to give the appearance of flowers mixed in with the grass? That would be pretty if you did decide to do that.:wink:

Fixed shadows, flowers and tried to make the land not so square while keeping my concept of somewhat blocky.
Ha, when I tried to fix the grass, it kept not rendering. Wonder what the problem was? When I fixed the land, some how the normals got flipped and the grass was on the under side of the land!
Anyway, here’s the image:

This one definitely looks better. The only thing I can see that could use changing would be the water’s hardness/spec values, the water is too bright/grainy. If you could drop it down just a tad I think this’d make a really good postcard!

Nice job.


EDIT: Real quick, try rendering with the light at a different angle…it may look better?

And here you go… :smiley:

I disagree it looked better before.

Remodel the edges of the land, it still looks like it’s from squares, for tile floor debris it may not be all bad but this is land.

Do some knife cuts to help you model a natural edge to the terrain. Also, try bringing in AO and use vertex color channels and nodes to do texture blending.

Looking good so far. Me, I’d stay with the second one, and try to add some atmosphere to that sky.

@ tcrazy and Cub, this is what I’m thinking too.

@ CD, that’s what I want the land to look like… blocky. :smiley: What do you say since I already have AO? I always use AO, ALWAYS!

Looks good, I know the…mood, shall we say, that you’re trying to evoke.
Personally, I kind of liked the sun with the little bit of atmospheric haze, but I guess that didn’t help much with the strong shadows, did it?

Landscape looks much better (no more Freeciv! Yaaaayyy!):evilgrin:

I really like the flowers on the bank of the river. The transition to dirt from grass is still a little unnatural. Also, even if you want the blocky look, the grass and ground is too dark and realistic for that style me thinks. Pretty good though :smiley: