“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.” - Frank Tyger

Inspired by the great thinkers of all time, by the hardworking individuals, and by the art of creating itself.

I’ve been meaning to recreate one of my most functional personal tools for as long as I can remember and one day there came this spur of inspiration to get it done, and here’s the result of those enduring moments.

  • Reyn

WOW, nice and detailed render :slight_smile:

A very unique and interesting idea, Reyn! The soft focus and the tiny specs and dust added. It reminds me of some images by Marek Denko. The wood material and the various shavings are also a nice touch.

I think the metal material on the blade is also very important, it helps us to identify that the utility knives’ blades and tools are also made of wood, and are not just corroded metal. Without that real metal tool there, I wouldn’t be sure.

Woooow thats reaaaallly really good looking 5 stars but can you post some wire frame screens ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, James! I had this idea for ages, as far as I can remember, and was deeply awed and re-inspired one day. I really have great respect to the veteran woodworkers and am still mesmerized by their raw skill and attitude toward their craft.

While I was at it, this also served as a visual metaphor to our lovely app Blender (I hope some viewers could get the meaning though). :wink:

Cheers, James!

  • Reyn

nice… though i doubt that one really could carve the screw from wood, as it has everywhere very short grain so it would break away. the cutoff wood would curl and look differently when you carve with a chisel like indicated … nevertheless, a wonderful appreciate to woodcarving. i am wondering however about the mood of the piece, to me it is sad, and it looks like the knife stabs/kills the blender logo?

Thanks so much, Doris. It’s nice reading your interpretation on the piece. :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

Oh sir,You are a monster…A satisfying piece of art.I really love the colourand the mood you are creating,a mood of hardwork I think.You have the skill to change a person’s mood and makes us thinking.A really top notch work.How long have you been using blender?.Do u do any serious preparations before starting a project.

Thanks a lot for the kind words and compliment. It’s very comforting to realize that somehow I made you feel that way.

I’ve been using Blender for almost 10 years already, the majority of which were spent on experimenting and learning (it is still, currently). Most of the time, I don’t overprepare. But I do sketch out the ideas on paper and continue re-imagining the output in my head to avoid technical errors. And when I’m confident that I have a story and idea I can solidly base upon, I jump in Blender and lose myself. :slight_smile:


  • Reyn

Hey there, really nice work!
Looks realistic and I especially love the lighting.

One thing tho: I feel like the DoF is faaar to tiny. If you would take a picture of that object it would be a shame to have so much things out of focus.
Most parts of it are blurred out, including very interesting areas such as the Blade.

So if you are using real world units: I assume your F-Stop is something between 0.5 and 1.4. Try setting it to 5.6 or something.


Thanks a lot for the constructive comment, I really appreciate it.

Regarding the DoF, it’s usually a dilemma between realistic and artistic, in my opinion, and most of the time I opt for the latter. It is also a non-direct message and a paradox to the intended title, in some way. :slight_smile:



Cheers, mate.

Attached here is a wireframe screenshot. :slight_smile: