Perfectly baked bevels in EEVEE

Hey everyone,
I finally got around to figuring out a workflow for adding baked bevels to EEVEE for complex KIT OPS and @masterxeon1001 type objects. Consider this render.

Adding baked bevels makes it look so much more real:

The challenge as some of you know, is the the bevel node does not work in EEVEE. This means you have to bake them from the Cycles engine. And with super high details of small details, adding bevels at the end of a modifier list, many times just doesn’t cut it. It can create more problems than it solves.

Not to mention baking bevels keep the polycount way low.

If you’ve tried baking with a second object or a CAGE, you may find it’s very hard to get a good bake on a hard surface model. With my technique, you only need the one object.

Here’s the video. Hope this helps some.


Here’s @masterxeon1001 's Solenoid from his recent video:

I had him give me a NON beveled version. The baking process worked great.

Thanks! Can we pin this thread?