Perfomance Issues

I own an Acer Aspire 3100 laptop. When I fire up Blender, Its responsive and quick. But as time progess, its performance degrades. In 30 minutes to an hour of use, Blender’s performance is reduced to a crawl.

Here are my specs:

1.8 Ghz Mobile AMD Sempron™ 3200+ with 512 KB L2 cache
supporting 64-bit OS

ATI Radeon® Xpress 1100 integrated 3D graphics, with up to 128 MB of shared system memory

2 GB DDR2 533 soDIMM modules

I also own a desktop with similar specs and blender runs like a dream. What gives?

Dumb question: Are you adding lots of meshes and stuff in Blender while you’re working in it?

Less dumb question: Are you doing a whole lot of any single operation or series of operations, repeated? If so, you may have found a memory leak in the program.

128MB of video memory is small by today’s standards. If you are making high poly meshes you will definitely have issues with that on that laptop.

edit: Another possiblility is that it’s getting too hot and cpu/gpu throttling. That actually seems more likely, now that I think about it. Is it getting hot?

the meshes may be a possibility. as my knowledge of blender has increased, my projects have become more ambitious.

but even with smaller objects, i get the same result as well.

is there any way that i can “tweak” my laptop to get blender run and remain fast?

also, after a short while after blender is running, i can hear the cpu fan turning. but its not getting ridiculously hot though

Search for “ATI slowdown issue”

Else, try cooling down your pc, dont use ice, use some metal, i have used metal from one of my dumbells to play SWAT 4 :slight_smile: