Perforated Sheet with pattern

Hello guys !

I’m a beginner at Blender and i want to use it for architecture personnal works.

My question is how to make a perforated sheet with pattern?

I’ve got an example : [ATTACH=CONFIG]449148[/ATTACH]

here is the pattern that i like to get : [ATTACH=CONFIG]449150[/ATTACH]

And here is my first try, using wireframe, subsurf modifier & Knife. I guess it’s not the right method… : [ATTACH=CONFIG]449155[/ATTACH]

2 more questions :

  • Is it possible in Blender to add a pattern on an area and set according to the pattern solids (white?) and voids (black?)?
  • Can we, as in 3Ds, generate a topology of mesh subdivision? Is there any similar modifier as Vorofrag(3Ds) in Blender?

As i told you i’m a beginner ^^’ and really want to learn Blender !

Thank you in advance guys !

Attechemants doesn’t work. Check links.

Impossible to see your attachements ( not working ), so we can ony figure …

Maybe one addon of blender who can help you for your last question ( Tissue