Perform a mathematic operation on a color texture, then look up specific UV position on it

Is it posiible to, for example, multiply image texture by vertex color, and then sample resulting texture at specific UV coordinate? It seems like textures can only have UV input at their initial Image Texture node.

Or, even better would be to sample the vertex color at the specific UV point

Sample first, multiply later:

You can’t and you don’t need to. Vertex color is a vertex attribute, interpolated for each shading point. In other words, it’s already sampled for you in the shader.

Thanks for your response. Sorry if my post was confusing. I have a specific idea which requires exactly this order of execution. I’ll elaborate it later today.

Modular texturing question: Masking out parts of a stone wall (or similar texture) So here is the general idea. Might not work with vertex colors by is nature, but who knows