Performance Issues?

After digging through the internet about this matter, but I still haven’t come across a solid discussion on this yet.

Essentially, I’ve noticed that my computers’ performances start to stutter past the 300k tris mark in 2.8+ whereas I use to be able to hit 1mil just fine. The performance hit is most noticeable when dynotopo is enabled in sculpt mode, but in general, it doesn’t operate smoothly in any interaction mode.

The steps taken so far to improve performance include: turning off anti-alias and multi-samples, reducing undo steps, changing my Windows quality to performance (so it looks like windows 95), even cleaned my disks and reformatted one of the computers to no avail. If anyone has any other insights on the performance issue, that’d be appreciated.

Quick specs on the machines in case anyone was wondering.

Intel i7
32 gb ram
GeForce GTX 980M

AMD Ryzen 7-1700
16 gb ram
MSI Radeon 570

AMD Ryzen 7-2700
64 gb ram
Sapphire Radeon Nitro 5700

There have been performance issues and there are high priority tasks for them -

It’s been going on for a while though, also, they’re marked as long term projects. I don’t think there’s a workaround, tried many specs. Keep an eye on this thread as well.

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Oh neat! Thanks, @dan2. I was so sure that there would have to be some sort of dev work on the performance from the number of other posts from other forums too, but I couldn’t find the relevant tickets. Quite possibly due to my poor word choices for the search engine, but that’s a story for another day. :sweat_smile:

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