Performance of curves vs meshes?

Possibly a dumb question:

Obviously there are cases where modeling using beveled curves makes a lot more sense than wrangling a mesh. However, when you are rendering your finished product, is there any performance advantage of using meshes or curves?

In other words, if I have something annoyingly complicated like character hair that is made of beveled bezier curves, and in that form it has effectively 100K faces, would I be better off converting it to a 100k face mesh for rendering, or leaving it as a curve, or does it not matter to cycles?

It naively seems like it should be the same either way, but these things are often counter-intuitive.

Obviously there are other pros and cons of meshes and curves, like the difference in ease of editing in different ways, but in this case I’m just curious about performance.

it should not make a big difference, but you can test it. make a scene with 1 million polygons out of curves, give it a decent material, and render it. such as grass, or a wig, or whatever.

then convert it into a mesh, and click render again.