Performance Problem on ATI Card

Hi to all,

I am quite newbie to blender so perhaps this problem has already be discussed in this forum. I apologize if this is the case.

So , my problem is :
I have no problem when i just launch Blender, but after a while, i get a performance decrease. 1 seconde time response, menu very slow…
I just have to save, quit, relaunch, reload and everything is smooth again for a while.

I looked at the performance Screen and i saw that during time where i can 't do anything with blender, my UC utilisation is at 100% but i don’t know why.
For example, when i get this problem, i just change my perpective view by clicking MMB and moving the mouse. Generally the first time i do that , everything is ok, but as soon i try to do it again just after, i get the 100% utilisation.

I heve Blender2.33a on windows XP , Athlon2000, 1Go RAM, ATI 9600XT with quite recent ATI Drivers.
Do someone have a clue to solve this problem?

Thx in advance.

Sorry i find a precedent thread on this problem.
I will have a look on that and post back.


For more extensive info, do a search for Radeon Slowdown here and at the forums


Thx theeth, i got the same thread which oriented me on

Problem seems to be an incompatibility with last ati drivers.
Neo resolves it like this:

1-download the catalyst version you want (3.9 works for me)
2-extract the contents of the file (you can make as if you wanted to install the driver but just after the extraction of the files by the installation programm cancel and tou will find the files in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-7-991-040224m-013831c\2KXP_INF\B_14006 )
3-the file you want is here, it is atioglxx.dl_ but it is a compressed .dll file
4-in order to decompress it, copy il somewhere, for exemple in C:
5-open a command line window, type CD C:
6-then type expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll
7-finally, move the .dll file in blender main directory

It resolves my problem. I now get some interface corruption little problems, but nothing too bad.

Thx to all.

there are builds on which do not have this problem and work with the newest drivers

also, iirc the code has become part of cvs so blender 2.34 shouldn’t have this problem