Performance slows down after parenting mesh to armature

(SimonK) #1

I’m using Blender 2.25. I have been modelling mesh and armature in sections. Always unlinking/unparenting mesh and armature before editing either mesh or armature and then parenting when the next stage is complete. I did one side of the arm, then leg, then spine, then head and neck this way. No problem. I then unparent the two, select arm and leg parts of the main armature, SHIFT-D them and S-X them on the axis from front view. Rename left side correctly. Re-parent the mesh to the armature and - everything starts taking forever to move, change. It is like the problem in the old 2.20 version of adding vertex groups to a mesh already parented to the armature. Except I’m fairly certain I had the mesh and armature unlinked before I duplicated the arms and legs. (The mesh had already been set up for both sides with vertex groups)

Is there any easy solution here? Or do I need to create a new armature or new vertex groups from scratch? %|

(OTO) #2

i guess that it’s not a good idea to make the groups and assign vertexs
and do a copy after that.
Check if you have vertexs parented to more than one bone.

(theeth) #3

Although that can actually create some small slowdown, it’s often the only solution when you want some joint deformation.


(SimonK) #4

I figure the massive slow down was due to duplicate vertex groups… I had modelled the head and neck seperately to the main body. But in my first attempt at the main body I tried to do a head and neck, and had created vertex groups for these. Then I deleted those vertices, but forgot to delete the groups. I think when I joined the two meshes and then parented the new mesh to the armature the two groups got confused. So… after a bit of fiddling with older versions (and running into the weirdness of the armatures going haywire while toggling between edit mode and non-edit mode) I re did the armature from scratch and things seem to be better.

Does anyone know why or what causes an armature to go spastic (ie assume random positions) sometimes when toggling in and out of edit mode?

(theeth) #5

it depends on the view point from which you created the armature at first. Usually, using apply size/rot (Ctrl-A) solves this.