Performance TIP - multi GPU setup - Vega 56/64, Radeon 5700

If you’re using multi-GPU Vega 56/64 or Radeon 5700 setup (especially referenced cards, without an air intake on the back of the graphics cards) then try to remove backplate from a cards:

This greatly improves cooling, avoids thermal throttling (lowering graphic cards clocks under heavy loads and high temperatures) and increases performance.

In my case, this has increased the performance of covered graphics cards by about 45%. These cards are still warm (up to 80°C) but no more thermal throttling.

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I am contemplating a multi card use scenario. How tight was the spacing on your PCIE slots, single, dual or more thickness to the cards?

Currently using one older AMD Wx4100 ( blower ) and a loaner MSI/AMD 5700 dual+ thick card ( dual axial ), I have not seen a card with a air intake on the back, can you reference such a card? removing the back plate I assume would void any remaining warranty.


Dual PCIe slot space in my setup. A few millimetres gap between graphic cards after removing the backplates. Not much but enough to keep temperatures under control (three Vega cards in my case).

For example Radeon 5700XT reference version (or 5700XT 50th Anniversary if you can get one) has an air intake at the back:

The warranty stickers are on the PCB and not on the backplate so removing the backplate does not affect the warranty.

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