Perfume bottle

This is the last result I got when play with BLENDER.
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Dont you just hate it when people dont reply(115 views 0 replies last time i looked)? Awsome. Thats all i have to say.

Amen to that. 8)

Sometimes people dont reply cause theres nothing really to comment or critique. Its a good image, but what could you comment except that its a good image.

secret behind this bottle scene.
This scene was rendered with Blender internal render and then compositions with Photoshop 7.


PICTURE A and B, was the render result from blender.

I used Photoshop to load picture A as layer 0, and picture B as layer 1.

Then I set the blending mode of layer 0 as Luminosity mode with opacity was set to 96%. and then merge the both layer as one layer.
Next I set image level adjusments as picture C.


and got the result as picture D.


hope this useful :wink:
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sometimes that’s all that is needed