Another Blend2Pov render. Postwork was done in Gimp. I hope you like it.

Wonderful! Except danill hechter sport´s metal texture is bad… But definetly worth of 4 stars!

Nice. I agree with eaglebreath. The Danill Hechter bottle looks off among the other bottles. But a great job nonetheless!

I don’t notice anything off, myself, but maybe the other people will tell you. Looks good to me. :]

Personally, my favorite part is the way you made it so we would recognize the brands but made it so you could still own the copyright to it. I do feel that the Danil Hecther Sport bottle, doesn’t necissarily need a new metal texture (Since I have never actually seen it in real life), but the label needs to be as vibrant as HOGO’s. Keep up the good work.

Very nice!

The only problem with Danill is that it is floating. The 3D illusion is hampered by the omission of a shadow. Even if the lights are positioned such that it would not cast a shadow, there must be some texture in the area that will “anchor” it.

Otherwise, you get this strange optical-illusion where your eye first sees it as a three-dimensional object, then as a two-dimensional “sticker,” and flips back and forth between them. Anyone will, vaguely, “know that there is something wrong about that bottle,” even if they cannot put their finger on what it is. Notice, however, that every comment has concerned that bottle. That’s why.

The same thing can occur in any photograph.

fantastic shaders and caustics!

Thank you for commentaries and suggestions. Next Time I will check two times that nothing is floating :wink: