Period Key USED to break me out of camera mode and stuck screen mode

So the period key used to break me out of camera mode and it would break me out of the stuck screen mode both of I use many times in a blender session. Now I get this and I’m stuck.

Its a pie menu from some addon I loaded or a setting I had changed. ?

Are you talking about the numpad period?
If it’s about this key, it could be something with a change in your OS keyboard configuration.

When it commes to the other key,
It’s the common shortcut in standard Blender configuration. Before, in 2.7x, it was only switching in between two references, without other key combination. This shortcut is essential to avoid moving your mouse permanently up an down over the interface. But, anyway you can remove it in preferences if needed.

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The period key on the numbers pad still does as you want. I had to test this to see.
Period at the keyboard will get you this pie menu.

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When I get stuck and can not zoom in anymore I change to orthographic view and the problem gets resolved.