Permanently deleting actions?

Hello all.
Sorry if you have seen this question in the other forums before but I haven’t recieved an answer yet!

I need to know how to permanently delete actions from a Blender file. I am not talking about breaking the data link either. I want the action data, completely erased, from the file. My project is getting so bloated with junk animations that I don’t know what to do. Thanks for your help.


if you press shift + f4 in any window you get into a sort of data browser, browse through the levels and then find where the actions are…usually you have to go up one level, then you can just click actions and there they are…

now actions allways have a fake user (F) this is because otherwise you would use all the actions you weren’t using (naming in an actuator for example)

now use you right mouse button to select all the actions you wish to delete, then press F, now you see that all the F’s with the actions you selected are gone, the fake user is gone… the number after the actions should now be 0, otherwise you using them somewhere… anyway if they are 0, save… quit blender and restart the file, now they should be gone…

not restarting will not make that much of a difference other than that the names of the actions can still be seen in action select popups if you select them then they will get a fake user again…


WoooHOoo Carl you are the greatest!! Thanks a lot.


Thanks Carl – great tip! I was wondering
how to get rid of unwanted actions (I have
been naming them Crap1, Crap2, etc).


Heh, me too. A long list of actions named garbage!


thanks Carl!

this should be in a tutorial or in the blenderbase. i’ve checked the
blenderbase first.

gonna post you answer in QaA. question from TorQ.