_permanently_ joining 2 meshes?

There’s the normal join - ctrl+j, which is good when you work inside blender because its not permanent. Outside Blender (game engines for example) “join” is not always optimal because these programs or engines can see it for what it is - separate objects. I don’t want that because this separation leads to a problem (animation problem).

I know there’s a way because i did it several years ago, but can’t remember how or what the function is even called? Anyone know?


ctrl + j does join it into one mesh. The only other thing you can do is to remove separate parts by joining them by creating faces/edges

Make edge/face: F

yeah, like i said… inside blender ctrl+j does a “fake” join (it still separate objects since you can use “separate” and suddenly it knows it’s separate objects again - so the object is only superficially 1 object).

There’s a way to make this permanent somehow, i’ve used it years ago when i had this problem outside blender, and no, it was just a command… i remember asking and getting a reply, will search my old posts (no idea where i asked, here or elsewhere…)

Go to addons and search “Bool Tool”. It’s great for bool operations and you can join a lot of objects in seconds…

Thanks, i’ll try once i get home. And this tool will WELD the pieces together so it’s no longer an Ikea thing anymore (separate objects that are superficially joined, not welded.)?

The issue with other software might be due to vertex groups or material separation. And that has to do with how armatures are applied. Otherwise most stuff doesn’t care if the vertices are welded or not if they’re grouped into one object.

Just some other food for thought if the one issue is still difficult to resolve.

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