(reynante) #1

Just playing around with B25 again. :slight_smile:

You can check the animation here >

(MeiaLua) #2

Love it! how did you animate the bubbles?

(reynante) #3

MeiaLua: They were animated via particle systems and the additional “jelly” movement was achieved through a wave modifier. Thanks, btw.

(namekuseijin) #4

you’re so friggin’ awesome!

(blood) #5

You never cease to amaze me :slight_smile:

(reynante) #6

blood, namekuseijin: Those words, are, by far, the most inspiring I’ve ever had today. Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

(phoenixart) #7

This looks very cool!
Well done reynante.

(sick) #8

Love your sense for colour :slight_smile: brilliant animation!

(marcecho) #9

Artistically made and dude you are brilliant! :smiley: