Permission denied for saving image files

windows 10 blender 2.8b just getting back into relearning blender. Blend files are saving BUT I am denied when I try to save my image of a UV map unwrap that i want to use to make a UV map in GIMP.

I have tried reading back to even 2011 about this problem and for the life of me I cant figure out what to do. Looks like a perennial problem with blender fighting with windows. How do I get around this?

One answer was to run Blender as an Admin - how do I do this?

So I have set windows security permissions for Blender shortcut to full and STILL denied saving images by Blender BUT I can save to an external USB stick.

Any ideas appreciated

Where are you trying to save to that’s failing?

Navigate to the actual Blender.exe file and right click on it and select Run as Administrator.

Do you have any fancy security/anti-virus software installed? If so you might need an exception created for it.

An issue that can come up with 2.80 is that since it is only available in a Zip file installation currently, some security software or corporate environments won’t trust it since it’s not “installed” in the usual official installer way.

I’ll give that a try, seems that some get this problem and others dont. My logon is a regular user, I set permissions to full but still regular user and I get permissions denied trying to save the png image of a UV unwrap. It will save to a USB stick. I’ll try running Blender.exe as admin next thanks

Can you save to the stick from another program? Can you create files on it? Some sticks are mounted read only.

Just a wild guess.

You still haven’t answered Pixelfox’s first question:
Where exactly are you trying to save the file when getting the “permisssion denied” error message? Please give us the full intended save path.

From your previous posts it sounds as if you can only save to an external USB drive, but not to any folder on any of your local drives - not even your user’s desktop or documents folder. Is that correct?

yes Im trying to use another drive for data, i have windows permissions set to all but Blender still wont let me use it. Im going to install a new version of 2.8 and use default install path much as it gobbles up valuable boot drive space

been running win 10 for years now and never seen this problem before!
maty be check your drive permission level

good luck

happy bl

IIRC, win10 took a right to own “C:/program files…” and is restricting any “unauthorized writing” (apps w/o admin. privileges)

Personally i’m using “God mode” and disabling any/every service or control taking “ownership” over my stuff… is a bit tedious and takes time, but doing it regularly still gives me good, even great experience with Blender 2.80 on SurfacrPro3 with Win10pro

excellent, Ive found LOTS of programs refuse to use windows appdata file structuring. Linux people refuse to budge, windows refuses to budge, sigh I’m stuck in the middle. (Personally, I think windblows is correct and its a safer structure but whatever, just need things to work).

NOW, how do I get windows to let go?? I set permissions to all on my data (D) drive, where images are trying to be sent, but Blender denies me permission. Is the trick to do the same on my c drive??

You might try getting the windows installer version of the official 2.79b distribution off the main download link at, and see if that works. If it does, then your system is probably enforcing some high level of security preventing randomly located programs from writing to arbitrary places.

The solution then might be to get a windows installer build of 2.80, but there are none today and probably won’t be until final release. But you could build your own (or get someone you trust to do it for you).

try to go to MS forum and ask help there
you might get the right answer to unlock things on Win 10 this situation!

happy bl