Perpendicular dimensions with measure tool?

Hello guys,
I find measure tool to be easy to use and therefore really effective to create quick dimensions in my model. However I am missing this one feature that would make this tool even greater. I know that you can snap measure, or enable depth measure of an object with a shift key but IS there a way to create perpendicular measure with this tool? It would be super handy to be able to measure a distance between 2 objects that are not same size etc. See pic below to demonstrate my meaning.



having problem with 2.8

is there a video showing how to use this in 2.8 ?

happy bl

Check MeasureIt addon. (I think comes within Blender)

that is what I did
but don’t recognise all the buttons as in 2.79

so would like to see a new tut video to see how it is use!

happy bl