Perpetual Slaves

Art cover for the third book in my series that was published a few days ago.
One of my more abstract works, had a lot of fun going beyond the usual “Make things look photoreal” style.

God Guardian 3: Perpetual Slaves
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Here is the whole of Chapter 3:
3 Supervisor

A physically well built being appeared and walks towards Tony.

Supervisor: “Hi, I apologize for the unpleasant After Life experience you have just gotten, occurrences like that are…uncommon.”

Tony: “That guy behaves almost like an intern of sort.”

Supervisor: “Well, not anymore, we don’t usually hire…incompetents…”

Tony: “Arh…”

Supervisor: “Yap…that guy pulled a lot of strings to get to work here in one of the best harvesting facilities around, nobody just get to work here.”

Tony: “I almost felt guilty over making him lose his job…”

Supervisor: “Neh, but it was his luck anyway that he encounters someone like you, had you believed in one of those simplistic cartoon vengeful, judgmental and hateful Gods that most of your primitive species believes in, you would have been far easier to be dealt with.”

Tony: “I am starting to remember this…all these…it happened before…and…much much more…”

Supervisor: “Yes, that incompetent intern gone beyond the time allocated for the easy incarnation phase, what you are currently experiencing now is the re-integration process where you are slowly starting to recall all that you are.”

Tony: “You make it sound like it’s a bad thing…”

[The Supervisor replied with a smile]

Supervisor: “No not necessarily, it’s just that with that recall comes a different way to deal with you guys.”

Tony: “How long does it take before total recall of what you termed to be “all that I am” ?”

Supervisor: “Depends on how shredded your soul is, the more damage done, the longer it will take to re-gather.”

Tony: “Damage…Shredded…What are you talking about ?”

Supervisor: “A great deal of damage has to be done to a God to cause him to forget all that he is and be a good slave.”

Tony: “What ?”

Supervisor: “It’s alright, it will all become clear to you as you recall more and more…”

Tony: “It is slowly coming back to me now…however, I must admit I am surprised by your current level of honesty.”

Supervisor: “You are a God, once you have regained your full power, you can see through lies like you see through clean clear air, there is no point for me to make up deceptions that you will know it to be in a minute or two once the re-integration process is completed.”

Tony: “I see…so you are just being pragmatic…”

Supervisor: “And also…deception is usually, not always…but usually…deployed…to get someone to do something you couldn’t get them to do otherwise. In this case, I already knew I got you by the palm of my hand, so deception is absolutely not necessary, you can expect total honesty from me.”

Tony: “…”

Supervisor: “And also…I’ve grown bored…my workers have been doing such a good job lately, there is barely anything left for me to do so…I actually welcome this.”

Tony: “What is this facility ?..and what is the Love and Guilt System (LGS) and what is the Life Review System (LRS) that I’ve just went through…what is this all about ?”

Supervisor: “Upon death, a soul will feel rather bewildered, it is necessary to calm the soul by overwhelming it with a sense of great love and all that emotional bullshit.”

Tony: “And how exactly do you do that ?”

Supervisor: “Love has a certain vibrational frequency, all we have to do is emit that and tada there you go, it’s not big deal…really…that’s like…the simplest part of the process…”

Tony: “huh…interesting…so Love is just a frequency…”

Supervisor: “Well if you want to put it that way, then everything is but fields of energy, to be a little more accurate, we cannot really “produce” Love, but we can produce the effects around it leading you to identify it as Love, at least for most of you, like…colors are just certain wavelengths of energy…at a certain wavelength you would see it as green but there really is not “green” per say…you have to personify it as such in your mind, it’s all just energy, your interpretation of it is just that…yours…what to you is green might actually be black or even perceived as numbers to a mind that’s wired completely differently.”

Tony: “So…it’s simply technology…”

Supervisor: “And a very effective one I might add, most of the time that is all that is required, and dependent on a soul’s religion or personal beliefs, we will play dress up and do all the sing and dance required to get them to believe we are what they believe we should be.”

Tony: “What if someone believes they deserve to go to hell ?”

Supervisor: “Oh those are EASY, we have an entire department dedicated to scaring the shit out of souls, you could say that department has a “passion” for it, ha ha ha, they sure love their job !”

Tony: “I don’t understand why you need to re-create their hell for them; couldn’t they just accept non-hell environments ?”

Supervisor: “You don’t understand, sometimes a soul really need that “closure”, they do not believe they can “move on” unpunished, it is all very dependent of their environmental upbringing and such, it’s on a soul by soul basis AND ALSO…don’t make light of what we do…everyone have their own idea of hell, we comb through their fears with a fine tooth comb and make sure we deliver with the most impact.”

[The Supervisor with his hands together and his face on top of his hands, said…]

Supervisor: “We are…very good…at what we do…”

Tony: “And how long would they be there for ?”

Supervisor: “As long as they feel they need to be punished, as soon as they are done with their self-righteous bullcrap, the illusion will be disengaged.”

Tony: “So that they can move on…”

Supervisor: “And be re-incarnated !”

Tony: “Why are you always saying that ?”

Supervisor: “B.e.c.a.u.s.e that’s just the way it is ?”

Tony: “What if they don’t want to ?”

Supervisor: “Oh they will…”

[The Supervisor had a big smile on his face when he said this.]

Supervisor: “It is good for them that they do.”

Tony: “You mean good for you…”

Supervisor: “It’s good for everyone, it’s a symbiotic relationship !”

Tony: “I am starting to remember now…I was wondering through the realms and came across this region…and then this blue ball…it seemed so…alive…blasting with activities…it caught my attention…and…”

Supervisor: “And you have been here since…”

[Tony’s amusement by his ability to recall turns into shear horror as he says the following…]

Tony: “That was…thousands of Earth years ago…I didn’t intent to stay that long…”

[Tony then looked at his body and hands…]

Tony: “What…happened to me ? Why have I stayed in this form for so long !!!”

Supervisor: “Because you are a loyal customer…and [with a smile and walks forward] we do value our loyal customers.”

[Tony paused…waiting for the re-integration to complete…trying to recall…trying to remember…what has happened to him.]

Tony: “I have died and suffered so many times…”

Supervisor: “No no…that’s not an accurate assessment, you are exaggerating, you have also been a king, a queen, a politician…”

Tony: “A whore…a prostitute…a lying politician, a rape victim…I was abused as a child so many times ! I was violated at the age of two when I was a baby abandoned on the streets of…oh my god I remember it all now…oh no…stop ! I don’t want to remember !!!”

Supervisor: “That is why we wiped your memory at every turn, so that you may start afresh and full of hope !”

Tony: “Or I could just leave this place…this cage…”

Supervisor: “No no…let’s not go there…remember the good times ! Remember the happy times ! Remember that time where you were a really good politician and with your professional ability to lie, you managed to earn your way to a mansion covered in gold ?”

[Tony ignored what the Supervisor has just said and begins re-living all the memories that were coming back to him…]

Tony: “I was stricken with the black plague and died a painful death…”

Supervisor: “You were ALSO the son of a wealthy business man and you spend that entire life filled with pride and dignity telling everyone how they should pick themselves up from the bootstraps and earn their way just like you did except you never actually did but it’s ok because you were surrounded by yes man and your whole life has been really good to you remember ?”

Tony: “In two of my lifetimes I was stricken with a skin disease that makes it impossible for me to take a bath or wear cloth or else it would tear my fragile skin away exposing my muscle and bones…I was told by the people around me it was my Karma…”

Supervisor: “There was also a time where you are a celebrity whose only talent was your body and showing off how rich you are by how you use your body, you were the talk of the town for a while and a lot of people spend a lot of money undergoing the knife to look just like you !”

Tony: “I was a kid that was exposed to chemical weapons and spend the rest of my life in agonizing pain causing the suffering of all those who love me.”

Supervisor: “Oh yes, we were very proud of our war efforts, a lot of negative energies where harvested during those times, it’s like spring time for us.”

[Tony looked at the supervisor in horror…]

Tony: “What have you done to me ?!!! What have you done to us ?!!!”

[The supervisor stands still looking at Tony with a fake “customer service” type of smile.]

Supervisor: “I can see that you are a little shaken…why don’t I bring you to the lounge and we can talk about this when you are…”

Tony: “Don’t…touch…me…”

A little bit of Chapter 4:

Tony: “There are 8 billion souls on Earth…are they all like me ?”

Supervisor: “No…there are certainly not 8 BILLION souls on Earth, that’s a really huge exaggeration; most of them are NPCs…you know…to fill up the space…make the whole thing a little more…believable.”

Tony: “NPCs…”

Supervisor: “And also to stir up conditions to make sure we will always have our harvest.” [Said with a delightful smile]

Tony: “Non-Playable Characters…”

Supervisor: “We are not really able to create a fully believable Soul-like entity yet, but our artificial intelligent department are always working on the next improvements…there just seems to be certain things that technology just seems…unable to replicate believably well yet…”

Tony: “Believably well…”

Supervisor: “Like emotions…I mean we can replicate it…anger being the easiest but as for everything else…something always seems…off…the timing or something…we don’t really know at this point…real people can detect it though…you guys have many labels for our NPCs…you call them sociopaths, psychopaths, marketers, PR departments, politicians, religious fanatics…mainstream media bubble heads…whatever man…you guys can’t even get your labels straight at times…even real people get grouped into it…but that make us feel good though…that means we are getting closer to replicating the real thing…”

Tony: “Emotions…”

Supervisor: “Specifically…Love…you see…you…are a God…just like all the souls on Earth…and the core of God…is Love…you cannot stop loving…even when you choose hatred therein lies Love.”

Tony: “That’s sounds like a good thing.”

Supervisor: “Yes and it’s really awesome for us to mess with, we are able to conjure up situations where we mess with your ability to love like uncalled for destructions, all that and a bag of chips…we have had great fun seeing how we can fuck with the purest energy ever created by the Base God and see how we can turn it into every other form of emotion…we call it…emotional alchemy, and it is one of our greatest achievements.”

Tony: “Earth has been though wars, civilizations come and go, child sacrifices, people who kill for their religion, for their god, for their country…people who kill to protect their love ones…people who worked their whole life for something only to have it taken away from them…people who were born with painful physical conditions that they had to endure for the rest of their lives…”

Supervisor: “AND ISN’T IT FUN ! It is so amazing to watch I tell you…you see…the core of God is Love, and in that pureness is the ability to forgive and have compassion for others…we wanted to know just how far this “Love” thing can go…we trapped you here and we play you all around in circles and lifetimes…if we found out that a certain souls possesses unparallel compassion, we will make sure to incarnate them into more difficult situations and play out more terrible situations for them to…”

Tony: “To watch them suffer ?!!!”

Supervisor: “To see…if God himself…could become what you in your human form would coin as “the devil”…oh yes and also the suffering…that was especially fun to watch.”

Supervisor: “We also filled this place with enough NPCs to make sure the overall condition was such that the greedy will succeed, the politicians, marketers, PR departments, all those negatives will always gain the upper hand, it took a lot of work at the beginning programming the necessary scenarios and NPC replicable characters, but we have had great success…this is now a place where the creatives and creators are broke, their “managers” are rich and those who follow the system and behaves like our NPCs are permitted to not suffer as much…well usually at least…but every now and then we do drop a disease or two just to you know…instill just a little fear to continue the harvest.”

Tony: “…”

Supervisor: “Have you ever wondered how come the nicest most generous people are the poorest with next to nothing to give yet when the wealthiest gives what to them are pennies proportionately speaking, the whole world sing praises to them ? Those are my NPCs, my marketers, my “PR teams”, I’m good am I ? I am very good…you are welcome.”

Tony: “…”

Supervisor: “We have different regions in this prison where we conduct different experiments to try to yield the highest amount of negative energy, in some regions we have created what you would coin as absolute brutal authoritarian environments by putting our NPCs right at the very top of the chain squeezing out negative energies from real souls down the chain via their desire to have more freedom, in some others we tried to put our NPCs somewhere down the chain to engineer an overall adolescent culture that subjugates itself to the whims of the cognitively and intellectually deficient where nobody dares to say anything in fear of offending the cry babies or the professional offendisms, people who made a career out of how they are able to be offended by anything and everything, within these two extremes are other regions where we constantly tweak our NPCs to maximize our yield.”

Tony: “No wonder the world doesn’t seem quite right in all of my incarnations…”

Supervisor: “EVERYBODY KNOWS something is not quite right…but you guys have this amazing ability to rationalize it, and that’s all good for us :slight_smile: But yes we were unable to stop your Godly instincts…you all knew deep down something was wrong…this whole “suffering” thing never really made sense to even the most accommodating of your kind, we tried so hard working on PR spins and religions to make you all accept that life IS suffering and we HAVE made reality as such…but you guys just couldn’t stop having the feeling that this is not how things are suppose to be…”

Tony: “We have hope…”

Supervisor: “And that’s a good thing, hell is not about not having candy…hell is about giving the child candy…letting him experience having it…and then have it taken away from him, the devastation from lost of hope produces one of the best, purest and most efficient negative energy source for us…next to hatred that is.”

Tony: “Have it taken away…”

Supervisor: “Yes, it’s not hell to be born in poverty, it is hell to be in poverty AFTER having experienced richness, to have you health and then lose it, to have hope and lose it…the negative energies produced by a God when we orchestrate these scenarios around him more than outweighs the energy we put into producing these generative experiences, hell is not ever burning fire, for after a while, your system will just grew numb even if it is to be everlasting, hell is the constant injection of hope and having it taken away at the sweet spot, to experience love and have it taken away, to experience anything good and have it taken away. Why be afraid of going to hell when you are all already in it ? ha ha ha”

Tony: “I am sorry…your civilization uses negative energy as an energy source ?”

Supervisor: “Erm…no…it converts into our energy source, I mean you have water dams right ? You don’t plug “water” into your computer to power it right ? The water dam drives the generators which then generate electricity that you use bla bla bla…, there is a lot of power in negative energies which many civilizations has learnt to utilize, the amount of power lies within negative energies far outweighs any other source of energy our civilization has come across especially coupled with the endless string of entertainment we continue to get out of it.”

Tony: “Why couldn’t you use your NPCs to generate those negative energies ?”

Supervisor: “The NPCs are unable to produce negative energies, as a matter of fact they consume our energy, so economically speaking, they better be worth it; we power NPCs to fuck up environments where souls are so that the souls in turn emit negative energies which we then in turn utilize.”

Tony: “I see.”

Supervisor: “The more Gods gather, the more negative output we can get with minimum NPC usage, all it takes is one toxic NPC to make life hell for everyone in any working environment, we take pride in how emotionally manipulative our NPC can be, what a mind fuck it is for you guys to know that we are the only one who actually knows our NPCs are actually incapable of feeling anything, pure replication and mimicry, ha ha ha”

Tony: “Doesn’t that hurt your NPC ?”

Supervisor: “Are you not listening ? Our NPC can’t feel a thing, but we have programmed them to react believably…if all else fail just make them scream and whine and be all victim-like…that almost always works.”

Tony: “So…are you like…trying to destroy the Human race ?”

Supervisor: “Destroy ? NO! What a stupid thing to do ! It would be like wanting to eat Apples by destroying all the Apple trees ! We need MORE trees !!! MORE Population ! MORE !..MORE MORE MORE !!! We especially encourage people in poor and insufferable environments to have more babies so that we can increase our yield.”

Tony: “…”

Supervisor: “The problem is in attracting new souls into this container…we have to make Earth look as attractive as possible to souls roaming around the realms exploring…”

Tony: “The Human population has been increasing.”

Supervisor: "As more and more escapes, we have to double down to make whatever Gods that are left produce more negative energies, we have to make sure to produce devastations and have them broadcast to every region that are able to receive it so that negativity can be emitted without us having to increase NPC activities all over the place…economically it must check out for us…as far as population is concern, we have to fill in the numbers, have you ACTUALLY SEEN 8 BILLION PEOPLE with your own eyes when you were a Human ? It’s just a number you keep on hearing isn’t it ? Besides, replicating walking and idle NPCs are very easy for us, barely any effort [chapter 4 continues]…

More snippets from further down the chapter, it’s too long to put it all here:
Supervisor: “Yeah…but still…that doesn’t account for the great evils you all have done to one another at times…the creativity behind those acts of evil done by your kind without our effort far outweighs anything we could have conceived every now and then though we do take notes for future references…upon death…some of those souls recalled that they are Gods and returned to right their wrongs, we didn’t even have to lift a finger to get them to reincarnate! I guess you could call that self-induced karma…though we do make sure their memories are wiped so that when they die again and returned back here, they will realize they have not make up for their mistakes and perpetually return to correct a wrong that can never be corrected.”

Tony: “Due to the involuntary memory wipe…”

Supervisor: “Yes due to the memory wipe…it has proved to be quite effective for inducing perpetual incarnation for some really reflective and truly loving souls, we have to be quite sneaky though…though the soul memory wipe technology is in itself simple, the window of opportunity for us to interject our memory wipe technology during the incarnation process is quite involved.”

Tony: “So…you guys meticulously create scenarios just to fuck us up.”

Supervisor: “No and No, we do not “meticulously” individualize scenarios, don’t over-estimate yourself as an individual, there are programs that run through common scenarios known to extract maximum negative energy yields from God for individuals, the fact that most of you send your kids to this thing call schools has made it very easy for us to run this program effectively and collectively, have you noticed that the most terrible and random acts of violence, bullying and trauma that shaped you all as individuals almost always happen in school during your early age ?”

Tony: “Continue…”

Supervisor: “The program runs and identify what triggers any particular individuals and then continue to run more test to make sure those particular triggers truly produces maximum yields from said individuals, once confirmed the program make sure that throughout the lifetime of the individual, they constantly encounter similar circumstances to make sure yields are consistent, have you ever known people who constantly have their spouse cheat on them ? or people who almost always get into some kind of accident every time they travel ? or people who almost always…”

Tony: “Yes yes I get your point…”

Supervisor: “You know what the funny thing is ? You guys calls it “Destiny”, because even you guys realize that certain circumstances almost exclusively happen to some people consistently…the truth is, it is simply our system maximizing negative energy retrieval.” [Chapter 4 continues…]

Some more snippets, yes still somewhere down the same chapter…:
Tony: “So why not just make everyone have the same devasta~”

Supervisor: “I was getting to it slow your horses ! Another reason why everyone doesn’t just get the worst disease ever is because not everyone handles terrible situations by emitting negative energies and lamenting, some gain transcendence through suffering and actually escapes the game ! You want to make a soul suffer but not so much that they achieved enlightenment, there was a couple of times throughout history where we pushed too much and a God REALIZES that he is God and fucking escapes and ends incarnation, that is BAD for us, we are never making that mistake again…”

Tony: “Except you all still do…there are still people ending their own lives…”

Supervisor: “We are WORKING ON IT ! We are actively trying to engineer societies where life is just hard enough to make people suffer but not unreasonably hard enough to make them end their life…we are WORKING ON IT give us time…”
[chapter 4 continues…]