"Perserverance" <-- UPDATED

Whoo! this one took a while to blend… and insanely long to render… but i perservered and even did PP on it :wink:


Any C&C are welcome.

here’s a 1280x1024 render for those who like backgrounds :slight_smile:


Magnifesante. i like it alot surprised you dont got more replies. Also i think the branches are a wee bit too big. Other then that…nice.

I love the colors.


block01cube: thanks :slight_smile:
UltraX: maybe… i think i’ve seen trees with thick brances like that before though

The clouds are superb! The only thing that bothers me is how the branches are so uniform and smooth.

i like it too but i cant figure out why it took so long to render there isn’t much there it would seem! I now raytracing set to 512 and ao set to 16 would take a while but still i don’t see reflections or refractions and the mist looks like paintshop so i just can’t figure out why it took so long! ANyway love the artwork! It is really great! :wink:


btw: all the post processing was done in gimp and the mist is blender :).


VERY nice render BlackMage. As said before, the colors look great.


Very nice work. Looks almost post nuclear.

Excellent mood.


RobertT & Sonix: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not bad. I like this one because it leaves a bit to the imaginationation instead of saying ‘this is a picture of a tree. Nothing else.’ You can make up a story to go along with this peice as you look at it. It was well executed.

The modeling seems a bit elementary but I dont think it takes very much away from the peice as a whole.

Nice work

This is a great peice :smiley: I love the mood. The tree looks a little…unstable I guess…With sucha small trunk with all thoughs large branches it looks like it would snap. I think it would be awesome if the tree got larger at the bottom and had alot of vines and roots…detail…lol. I think the branches are a little to, uniform, and they end so suddenly, the branches stay one size, they don’t work like a cone…if you get what im trying to say? Everything else looks great :smiley:

I’m going to go back and add more detail to things… :slight_smile:

I updated it!

as I lready told you - it very nice! I’like the “deserted” mood


This would go well as a background :smiley:


@ner: thanks :slight_smile:
Mystery00: Hey… that gives me an idea!!! i’ll render a 1280x1024 while sleeping :wink:

That’s really nice - as mentioned before, the colours are great - and this yellow glow - cool.

btw: all the post processing was done in gimp and the mist is blender :).[quote]

sorry i thought you said it was done outside of it!

A beautifull work.

Well done.