Persistant Data

I’ve been using Registry to keep track of data but that will only work in blender, not when I’m compiling a runtime.

I’m doing a themed “checkers” variation so I need to keep track of all the pieces in a list in python - but after a script goes out of scope I lose the variables. I was able to work around it for a while till I could get it working in general with the Registry, but I’ve hit the point where that won’t work any more. How can I keep track of variables so they don’t go poof?

I’m not sure what your talking about with the registry. If I want variables to stay around I assign them to GameLogic, or to an object.

store them in gamelogic.

like in one of your scripts have

GameLogic.variable = variableFrom

replace veriable and variableFrom to whatever you want
buy you probably know that

hmm…I’ll try it out, thanks